Rick and Morty: Another Way Home – Version: r3.9 (Ongoing)

Game Informations This is an unofficial ren’py fan remake of Rick And Morty – A Way Back Home by Ferdafs. Play as Morty as he tries to find a way home through sexy adventures in another universe! No sandbox! Expanded and extra scenes! Finishing choices for many sequences! New dialogue and story reworks! Before asking

Special Duty Soldier Felia – Version: Final (Finished)

Game Informations A simple story about a heroine of justice in various states of distress! No complicated or dark story here – it’s standard Saturday morning fare with a sexy twist!​ Our site does not work properly with Adblock. The image gallery of Special Duty Soldier Felia above should work without adblock. We keep ads

Virtual Succubus – Version: 0.44 R1 (Ongoing)

Game Informations Virtual Succubus is an AI-driven lewd JOI game that’s all about becoming a succubus’ personal plaything. Enter a contract with your very own dominant succubus, offering her complete control over your urges. She’ll learn about you, and decide what you need to do to earn your release. This game does not have a

Peerless Lust – Version: 0.31 (Ongoing)

Game Informations You play as a Peerless Demon Lord of Lust who after begins defeated and imprisoned for thousands of years finally escaped his prion but due to some complications, he ended up in a different world and possessed a body of a weak human. So the adventure begins: To regain your power you must

Star Knightess Aura – Version: 0.40.0 (Ongoing)

Game Informations Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the conventional plotline of a “summoned to another world”-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike

Hypnogram – Version: 1.0 (Ongoing)

Game Informations The game’s protagonist is an ordinary, humble guy who lives a boring, measured life, but a sudden loss of his job is the factor that turns his life upside down. Which will his conscience or his lust take over? It’s up to you to decide!​ Our site does not work properly with Adblock.

Go Go Alina – Version: 1.02 (Finished)

Game Informations It has been five years since the hero Est defeated the Demon King. Many demons who had been unified by the Demon King returned to their own world, and the world became peaceful. However, some demons still remain in this world, and the threat has not completely disappeared. The knights were dealing with

Infiltrating a Cult – Version: Final+DLC (Finished)

Game Informations Your mission is to infiltrate a cult with your master. One night, you decide to make a move to finish them off. After leaving the dorms, you successfully snuck into the church, but then. Our site does not work properly with Adblock. The image gallery of Infiltrating a Cult above should work without

Candy’s Legacy – Version: 1.25 (Ongoing)

Game Informations Candy’s Legacy is the story of Lily, she just broke up with her boyfriend. Lily is tired of her boring life, her boring looks, and her boring self… Doctor Silicon and Candy (known from “Crucial investigation”) helps her to become a sexy woman (a bimbo? who knows).​ Our site does not work properly