Umesatraa Academy – Version: 0.6.5 (Ongoing)

Game Informations You set off to Umesatra Academy to get the training you need to become a real succubus. Something seems to be different with you. Turning other succubuses into your servants? Isn’t that forbidden? Well…Nobody needs to know until you rewrite the rules.​ Our site does not work properly with Adblock. The image gallery

Dragon Orbs – Version: Tribal Update (Ongoing)

Game Informations After a freak accident, Konon realizes that participation in the martial artist Tournament which he always wanted is in danger. To return to normal, he must embark on a quest to collect seven magical orbs scattered throughout the land. With the help of a wise Master, Konon fights and uses his newly achieved

Paradise Inc – Version: 3.1 (Finished)

Game Informations Paradise Heights is an interactive erotic fiction game focusing on the themes of seduction and transformation. You’ve accepted the job of a lifetime in a mysterious and luxurious new high-rise. You’ll meet a cast of fully-fleshed characters, be able to explore their needs and desires, and — if they pay the price —

Star Knightess Aura – Version: 0.40.0 (Ongoing)

Game Informations Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the conventional plotline of a “summoned to another world”-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike

Candy’s Legacy – Version: 1.25 (Ongoing)

Game Informations Candy’s Legacy is the story of Lily, she just broke up with her boyfriend. Lily is tired of her boring life, her boring looks, and her boring self… Doctor Silicon and Candy (known from “Crucial investigation”) helps her to become a sexy woman (a bimbo? who knows).​ Our site does not work properly

The Contest – Version: C1W2.5 (Ongoing)

Game Informations Ever since you were teenagers, your best friend and you have competed in a heads up competition to determine which one of you is the absolute greatest. The Contest, as it’s known, began as a simple little sports tournament, but grew into an event of ridiculous proportions. Nowadays, The Contest revolves around a

Love and Corruption – Version: 0.3.12 (Ongoing)

Game Informations Love and Corruption is a text-based, turn-based combat game where you’ll be able to explore a growing universe, discover a world with different types of creatures, races, spells, and locations to explore. You will play as a man who has just suffered a wave of loss, and finds himself in the midst of

Awakening – Version: 0.1 (Ongoing)

Game Informations The Awakening, a story that is about a protagonist with hidden powers (very original, I know) who will not only transform himself, but those around him (depending on the player’s decisions). It is an adventure where the main focus is the decisions made by the player, which will truly modify the story. The

Prison – Version: 0.38E (Ongoing)

Game Informations Help Jacob, a 21-year-old young man who has made a series of wrong decisions during his teenage years and has ended up behind bars. Join him on his journey to survive the best way possible in this HTML game, still in development.​ Our site does not work properly with Adblock. The image gallery

Flexible Survival – Version: 2024-02-12 (Ongoing)

Game Informations Its storyline is based in a not-too-distant past of 2008, containing science fiction elements about a nanite-based virus outbreak and its mutation-inducing consequences. The game is based on roleplay and classic hack’n’slash combat, supporting both a web interface as well as a standard MU* telnet client.​ Our site does not work properly with